A Missionary’s Sweetheart


He takes his bag, I will be gone again
The wind is calling
Souls reporting
I will be back soon love
That’s what you hear
When you are
A missionary’s sweet heart

Really he has left days, even before he packed his bag
Consumed by the masters call
And heart embraced by devotion
Darling! This trip won’t be long
I will be back before you know it
He shouts in victory, he marches without turning
That’s what you have
When you are a missionary’s sweetheart.

The fields are ripe
The Lord is on His way
We have to be ready
There are souls perishing
Oh, darling soon the work will be done
When the church decides
In-between kisses and
Sudden spontaneous hugs
He whispers about his Father’s love for all humankind
Nothing can be compared to His love for us
When you are a missionary’s sweet heart
What a privilege to be a witness

How I love him
Wouldn’t trade him
What a love secured in
His Father’s call
I am a missionary’s sweetheart
No better call rewarding
To pray at his gate, a ready fighter
And be part of God’s bigger plan
When you are a missionary’s sweetheart
All you hear, is, Your kingdom come
Your will be done!
In-between kisses and passionate hugs
I love him, my visionary


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