Bleeding Mother Nigeria


There it is the truth looking back
Daring lies to shut up,
But fear of a reoccurring gruesome attack,
The stench of corruption erupting ,
A boil about to let out stench,
In a fly infested Nigeria
I do not believe in our leaders,
Don’t tell me to.
After all you don’t believe in prayers,
Only what religion could give.

Round bellied with an open-ended tongue
Gray hairline without wisdom or grace,
Then why do you slander the vulture?
You do not imagine peace,
You can not phantom love,
You have no kindness,
How can you make it be?
How can a soul, sold, liberate?
What can an empty vessel project?

Don’t tell me to sing some hopeful song
With green and white coated lies,
About some heroes present
And their insatiable greed,
I don’t believe your facts, don’t preach them
Don’t tell me to love my mother land,
I don’t need your love nagging
Just do justice, give yourselves as ransom,

Bring back our sanity
Bring back our security,
Bring back our children, you can use yours.
I cannot save you from the plot, of your commitment to violence
I cannot write you some love poem,
Talking about your prosperity,
There is no beauty where war assail.
I want to cry and wail,
I need to mourn, you say don’t,
Competition will laugh,
Who can you compete with?
You bite me when we kiss.

Comfort, o mother of that slain
Comfort to a nation at war with itself,
Where is this peace coming from
From the left or right or north or west?
I don’t give peace don’t ask me.

There is the truth, who loves it?
It will set free, who will face it?
I don’t believe in you,
Neither do I believe in your stories,
About what you intend to or will do,
What you are not,
You cannot be,
This is me romancing a bleeding Mother,
Kissing a staggering Nigeria,
This is me in love.


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