Merry Christmas


Tears come to my eyes
Upon the arrival of Christmas
It’s action and silent deeds
Reminding me of many gone and many more gain
Do tears happysad drop
The feeling of a malancholic nostalgia
On a Christmas eve?

The cold chilly mornings, and how you must wake
The smell of burnt rice and the seeming loving gaze
I recall beauty in family
Gifts and sighs on Christmas
Pain and Joy in the arms of hope
Of dreams to come just because it is Christmas

Tears come to my eyes
When I recall that gospel
About a beautiful Christ and a rugged cross
I remember His birth yet His death
A humble Child got my freedom with a cry
Hail salvation, do you recall and weep?
Tears of gratitude to be alive

The dusty road
The sound of happy children
Memories old but new to heart
Do you cry about Christmas?
Christ’s humble entry
His brutal death,
Triaumphant resurection
A glorious return
My Saviour King
Makes me cry out with Joy
Then I remember Mother

For the joy
For the pain
A new dawn has began
It only gets better
Rejoice about the gift of Jesus Christ
Have a happpy Christmas


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