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Give me Love


Give Me Love

Bring the stars to lay them down,
Turn the face of the sky upon me,
Let the sun wake me,
Bring your face before me down,
Drown me with pleasure,
Build me with prayers.

Give me love,
Yes, that sweet kind of Love,
Please me with words,
Influence my thoughts onwards,
To ever land,
When you first loved me.

Overwhelm me with your intelligence,
Let me feel your strength,
Impress me with your diligence,
Knowing that you know your God to heart,
Give me that bible love,
That type never fails.

Give me love,
Sweet sweet love,
Shower me with attention,
Overwhelm me with protection,
Give me money,
Darling gives me Money.

Bring the world to my feet,
Let me travel the seas,
Show me that unity Feet,
Where ever soul will ease,
Let loving me please you,
Let it be your ever delight.

Give me love,
That bible kind of Love,
Romance of Word and Spirit,
Let it resound o, bless me Light,
Let it tell of the wonders of God.

Give me an overwhelming love,
Overwhelm me with your honor,
Heal my heart with truth,
Set me free from fear, your honor,
Bless me with perfect truth,
Give me your wholeness,
Give me that bible love.


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