I Hear God.

I Hear God.


I hear a voice,
Not far, but near,
The breath of God,
Speaking to my spirit,
Reaching out to me, fondly
To greatness and splendor.

I am His breath,
Breathing into Nations,
Liberating generations, bound by ignorance,
Waking up, alas! sleeping eyes,
Exposing Truth to darkness.

I see the voice,
Like a basking sunlight gushes in, it hails,
Opening the vail off, every mystery. Grace expounded.

I set captives free
I halt every affliction from arising
Becoming, He is within me
Tested, what sweet relish
Beyond a natural perception.

I feel His voice
I touch Him around me
My very essence
I hear God in my space
I sit with Him out of time
I carry God, I am king.

God I hear
Within me, a majestic symphony,
His presence revealing.


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