Kafura! The child


I miss that child’s voice that wakes me up every morning. Her voice singing warmly driving the early morning cold away. Singing in the Hausa dialect like a sweet bird. She came adopted, but she became part of a whole. Her father died living her to her mother to raise but the mother had other plans. She ran away living her behind. Esther is a slim beauty, dark in complexion and has the sweetest of smiles and voice. Her kind heart, means everything to father. Children are our blessing, though a lot of them roam the streets, I find it is never too late to reach.

Once I met another, she called me ‘kafura’ that is infidel but I was not bothered. I smiled at her in response, she searched my eyes with curiosity. I asked of her name, she is but only about seven. She whispered ‘Amina’ I told her I was not mad, afterall she did not know better. Tried to smile with an empty gaze. Little girl, let me tell you about ‘kauna’ that is Love. We are sisters you see, raised by separate religious beliefs but you see, love, everyone can identify it. I made her pronouce it. I gave her a gift and went my way. The next time i saw her, she rushed to help me with the firewood I was carrying. She called out, ‘Kauna’!

There are so many like them. Will you dare raise them to be respectful and hospitable. Teach them first love and you would not have to worry about them in this cruel world? They will thrive and will not fear. Perfect love casts out all fear.


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