Marriage: This is How to Love

Marriage: This is How to Love


Do you really love right?

When you love your spouse you will not anticipate failure, but look forward to victory over the tactics of the evil one in marriage.. be aware of the devices of the evil one and cut them off before it grows a horn.

Listening and helping to solve problems and difficulty of your spouse means you love them. Dismissing it will make it become an even bigger problem and may give the wrong impression that you care less.

Speak kindly. Encouraging and affirming words go a long way in mending a broken heart and cultivating a strong marriage.

There is a saying I love, it says “If a man loves a woman’s soul, he will end up loving only one woman, but if he only loves a woman’s body or face, then all the women in the world won’t satisfy him.” -Unknown This is very true, this saying also apply to women too.

When you love your Spouse you would take your time each day to do something kind and thoughtful for your spouse. Always having it in your heart that your spouse is a precious gift, not a burden. Treat them accordingly.

Make out time with your spouse, this doesn’t always have to be spent at home or at night. Try to meet for lunch at least once a month, touch, make love and kiss more often.

A true Man and Woman are suppose to show each other who Christ looks like. They are supposed to be benevolent not aggressive and bullies to each other. Restart doing things that made you more intimate and happier together.

One of the purest acts of faith is to give what you need. It means giving encouragement when you need to be encouraged. It means offering help when you could use some help. It means being part of someone else’s healing when you yourself are wounded.

I believe in God’s definition of marriage. A union which stands on love, truth, fairness and faithfulness.

I don’t believe in any form of violence in Marriage. If your life is in danger, seek for help now! It is not God’s will that you are bartered and terrorized. You are called to love and be loved in return in marriage.





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