In the dead of night, I sat up thinking upon a feeling. A feeling that has been asleep when I would not sleep. Some people call it a desire, others say it is zeal. The cold night was cold and the clouds heavy with a child. I hear the heavens groaning as in labour and a voice thundered while the lighting assail. Jack and Jarklin barking their veins out and for a moment I wondered, if they could sense what I can perceive?

The eyes were shut, the oil in check. The median in waiting and the dark Angel parties on. They all know the truth. Truth as it is to them. I know truth, truth as I have found Him not to fail. So here I was feeling the feeling. Unveiling the mystery making permanent the vision. I knew if tomorrow came the journeys will take flight. Shredded my entitlement, in this dead night I became the sickness that I see, and now a cure I need to find.

We all have that feeling once in a while, for some of us it is every second. That punch to fight, to provoke, giving you a serious red eye to do what is necessary. Indeed, we cannot fulfil Destiny without fulfilling destiny. One has to know what it is, so he or she can run it. The greedy, the lustful, the vicious, the fearful will not go far. They will in no time give into their sensual wisdom. But you see these that study, that burn the night light, that pray with purity of intention. Those that are dedicated to building firmly. Who will not yield to the pride of life, these people will fulfil the mission. What Is the mission?

Why were you born? Know that then you would change the world. Do that and you would have fulfilled destiny. In this dead of night, I woke unable to delete the stench of hunger, the betrayal of corruption, the wickedness of humans, the look of helpless parents unable to pay hospital bills and that homeless child crying out for mercy. It was the enemy and his tricks but I know that at the end Love still conquers all. I know in my knowing that Light remains victorious and you have the capability to do the righteous thing, love.

I sat up thinking and talking to you, and oh, what rest I found.


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