The Love Of Mother Father


When I talk to God
I tell Him how I miss you
There are roads that were never mine to cross
Or crosses that was not mine to carry
Over burdened by your absence
I still needed you more now

There are feelings, which were not to be mine
Frustration a schooled thing I say
I never was meant to be
A lover of manipulations and contempt
Although life turns its shades
I sympathize with this teary eyes
It pours when it needs you

Where is mother when needed
In this world everyone one needs a mother and father
Someone with wisdom, someone to love
Something’s too delicate for this young hands
I thought I have grown to do witout
But time rushed by

How I hold to our memories indeed
Contagious this nostalgia
I catch it now and then again
I am so missing you Mother

Dedicated to anyone who has lost both or a parent. You can trust God for peace, love and comfort. Stay lifted you are victorious. I love you.


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  1. When I say I miss my mother, I don’t literarily mean I miss the memories we’ve created. No. I miss the memories never made.

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