The Woman


Lost in her world, a calloused adulterous path. Her Vail painted with blood, her lips touched by poison. She walks the night, hiding from her shadows, whispering so her heart but it does not answer. Her fragrance goes after her, many men surrendered to her laps. When the mighty fails, what will the feeble do? She came always to the well, she thought she knew, but only the well knew her.

This very day was not different, but she can only pretend to herself. People walk in disgust, others protect their spouses, there comes the thief, they wail. Like the devil, her path was determined until she came to the well that special day. The creator of the well stood tall, unashamed. There He was this rugged feet, oozing compassion and mystery. All knowing, Man but who does not fall to flesh, a Man but who spoke with authority, a Man but He feels like God. She asked questions, He answered all but did not fall. At the end she became a preacher, who was meant a deceiver. The manipulative woman met Jesus Christ and her life changed.

It is never too late to go to the well, to draw from that river that kills thirst, drink of Him, He who restors all that is dead to life. Forgiving all sins. He who changes from the inside out. It is not late for you to repent and turn away from that destructive path. It is time you accept His righteousness. Woman be His expression. Man be like Jesus Christ. Accept Jesus Christ today, tomorrow might be too late.


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