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There lived a woman who is called Deborah. She is a wife, poet, Agitator, Warrior, ruler, prophetess, a maternal figure and a judge in Israel. This means that Deborah was educated, no wonder it earned her a place of honour as a Judge. The institutions in Isreal then regarded her as a voice of authority, wisdom and a personality worthy of settling discords. Deborah did not earn this place by much arguments or manipulative persuasions, but, dedication and a righteous living, this earned her the position of the best of the judges during her time. She hard an intimate relationship with God, His word and His heart. That also meant God spoke directly to her as he did other prophets. This is Deborah, is an article which is written and meant to espouse the reader to the qualities and the features that has made Deborah the”Mother in Zion”.

When the people of isreal sinned after Ehud died, the Lord gave them up to king Jabid the king of Canaan who oppressed them for twenty years. So they cried out to the Lord, He hard them and revealed to Deborah which path to take for thier deliverance. Deborah lead Barack and ten thousand men.They battled and won by following the exact command of the Lord. Her governance then was a restful one. Barack who was the commanding general at that time had no problem or concern following her as a leader. Deborah’s service as a prophetess-judge of Israel expresses the original intent that God does not regard women’s political, judicial, Spiritual or military leadership as problematic or a taboo. This also means that her husband Lappidoth and her immediate family had no trouble structuring and coming to a compromise about the work of the household so that she had time to “sit under the palm of Deborah” to fulfill her duties when “the Israelites came up to her for judgment”

How does a woman or girl know and follow the instructions of God? So that like Deborah she could follow His instructions, and will not relay on her wisdom. The power in the Word of God can bring us to a victorious place. Relaying and applying the Word in all things, will bring women to such incredible victories. Wait a moment, don’t forget, Jeal, who is yet another woman who was at the right place, at the right time to finish up the battle. Deborah in her song in fact called her blessed. Also she had no problem following the leadership of another woman. To be accurate about wise actions and in actions, one will have to following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Another important aspect of Deborahs, is her poetic song, which expresses a won and submitted heart for the Lord. In her song women will learn the powerful place of worship. That if as women we can give our selfs wholly to God, like the mother’s and daughters of Zion that we are, we could become every weapon of peace. We will take our place in governance and be used to bring order to a corrupt and terror filled leadership.

Praise be to God that today, in some societies, sectors, certain organizations, women’s leadership has become as un-controversial as Deborah’s was. But in many other contemporary cultures, sectors, and organizations, women are not accepted as leaders or are subject to constraints not imposed on men. Could reflecting on Deborah’s leadership of ancient Israel help Christians and the world today clarify our understanding of God’s intent in these situations? I pray that responsible bodies serve our organizations and societies by helping demolish improper obstacles to women’s leadership. So that we personally benefit from seeking women as Spiritual leaders, bosses, mentors, and role models in our work.

So Nigeria needs women like Deborah. Women that are focused and taught by the Holy Spirit to change and direct change by leading righteously in thier calls. Who says you will not thrive in politics? It is time mother’s in Zion take thier place. I believe in you. God will do much more than you can ever imagine. Avail yourself to be used.


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