This is Esther


I have been thinking about the story of Esther. The orphan girl, without luxery or fame. She had only her discipline and a beauty that will not fail. Even when she was the delight of the king. Her humility never left her. Her devosion to worship the heavenly King and husband was intact and able to move both their hearts.

Esther by moving the earthly king stooping, she moved her Heavenly king to action. Her God created the heart of the king. He made him bow to her plea while she stooped. Esther was walking in her heavenly Father’s will, she was with the mandate and ran it passionately, if ‘I perish, I perish’ her absolute resolution. A Father’s plan to set His children free.To save an entire Nation was placed in the open hand of an orphan girl. God came through, and instead of the Jews to be slain thier enemies were. God wants to work with you girl, to preserve Nations and bring them back to Himself. It is for a bigger plan that you were born not for the temporal that which as will surely parish. That bigger plan, is for His kingdom to be established in the hearts of Men. Will you be that Esther for this generation?

It might seem that Evil, has won by taking everything from you. The reality is he remains a loser for your sake. your place in the father’s plan is very important! You were born for greatness. Stay focused and rooted in His word, every promise there in for you will come true. You are incredible truly loved by God. I love you.


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