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I relate to the story of Mary as a daughter enjoying grace under the finished work of the cross, also as a mother and a woman. The miracle of bringing life to this world, watching them grow and in her case watch him, falsely accused, misunderstood and finally brutally killed. She saw the people He came to give all to, turn against Him. It must have been, beautiful, painful, confusing and finally liberating to be a mother to Jesus Christ, who is God.

In Isaiah we see Him prophesied, the whole old testament speaks of His coming and His death. The account of the disciples in the new testament, gives us a recount of the story of Mary and Jesus Christ her Son. I am tempted to speak more on Christ but let me stay with this courageous girl called Mary. Mark, Luke, and John did justice to do a personal narrative, in which we will do good to remain grateful.

Mary a virgin, engaged to be married to Joseph, loves God and is known to be honorable. One day she welcomes and listened to an angel who tells her that, she was greatly favored, the Holy Ghost will come upon her and she will bear a Son. Mary did not just accept this hard task but faithfully submitted to the will of God and His bigger plans. She did not give in to the will of God out of fear but devotion to the teachings of the Prophets. one that she was brought up on. Her Faith in God produced bravery, and patience to the call.

What can we learn from Mary? Mary’s devosion is an act of absolute obedience. Her obedience shows us that it has to be sacrificial. She was a mother who was present in her Son’s life. She gave birth to Him, was part of His ministry and was present when he took His last breath. Mary was not a lukewarm Christian or a mother without a relationship with God. She served God personally, so much that she was there when Christ was lifted up to heaven. She was there at the upper room, this means that Mary spoke in tongues and preached when the Holy Ghost came upon them as they waited and prayed. She was a chest girl, a virtues wife and mother.

She worshipped the one true God, Yahweh. She is not manipulative, Mary did not try to control events in her Son’s life or talk Him out of His difficult but fruitful destiny but helped in any way a mother could until the end, no matter how painful it was. Her faith believed that Jesus Christ will always come through. We can also learn that she was given to continues learning as it is the custom of the Jews to teach and emphasize the words of the prophets.

You were born a girl for a purpose, only you can achieve. You are a woman because God wants to express His female expression to the world. Your beauty, grace, ability to forgive, your ability to multi task was all set there for a purpose. You can change the world around you, and like Mary you could be that girl who could be trusted to carry a kind of Savior, to nourish, encourage, groom, love and inspire. Will you be a kind of Mary today? Who told you cannot remain a virgin until marriage? You can. Many girls did and a lot more are keeping themselves pure . Have you lost your virginity? Who says you cannot take a stand today to keep yourself until marriage, my dear God can help you keep you pure for His kingdoms use. Will you yield?

I have no doubt, that God will finish up what he has started in you. You are destined for greatness, you are equipped for awesomeness, make the changes you need to. You are made to bring change. Shine His light.


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