Give me Love

True to God I Love you


Thorns are more soothing, than your words
Your silent motive,
Cut deeper than the sharpest blead.
Fire is more kind, than your silent intension,
It hurts more than a heated iron,
But I love you true to God.

That ego that stands between,
Separating every sanity,
Builds up confusion,
In a disappointed passion,
That ego heavy, upon my tired eyes
But I love you true to God.

Go away far from me!
Come back darling! I don’t mean it,
Turn your back to forgiveness,
Come back! I forgive YOU,
I can’t take the distant whisper,
But I love you true to God

In Faith do I run
Building my love in the eye of the storm
Your heart means to heal
But your words bruise
Your silence Hurts me more
But true to God I love you.


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