Waiting Love: Singles Listen

Waiting Love: Singles Listen


Waiting Love: Singles that Thrive

Dear Single have a scripture to meditate on and confess from God’s word, the kind of spouse you are believing God for.

I have come to learn that alot of people don’t know what love is because, they were never taught and really loved or did not grow up in a loving family or what they know as love growing up was not, but some twisted abuse. It is important that a single goes on a journey of learning about love and how to recognize it.

Don’t get married for the sake of dealing with lust, marriage has no cure for lust. Infatuation fade with time, that’s why it will be a wrong reason to marry. When you feel fear for not getting married, then don’t marry, that’s a bad time to marry. Don’t allow pressure push you into Marriage, have your faith stand on God and wait for His timing.

Don’t marry for where you are, Don’t marry to heal your broken heart or have unrealistic expectations about who and what your spouse should have. This kind of false hope has destroyed alot of homes and has left children without parents.

Be willing to change and improve at all levels. Don’t date Married people, you would only delay your finding a partner, you would be against what God has instituted and eventually if you become a reason a home is broken you would have succeeded in making possible what God hates “divorce”. Also this means that you would have given the devil a room and reason to strike. Don’t sow seeds of unfaithfulness in your own Marriage while you are single.

Learning about love making is a waste of time and a practice of sin as a single. Why not trust God to keep you pure by yielding to His rightouseness. Engaging in fornication while single, is like teaching your spouse to be and yourself how to sneak around in adultery in marriage. You want a trusting and peaceful Marriage, then zip up!

Getting involved in diabolical things and visiting of fetish places is not the answer, will not be the answer and can never be the answer. The answer is in Jesus Christ. The devil does not solve problems, he adds them upon the one he has hidden.

The desire to control and manipulate a spouse to be, is devilish. God did not create anyone to be controlled. He made humans to have dominion, not over fellow humans but powers and things. Getting herbs or what ever to control a human is a waste of time, because you would only be able to succeed for while and then rip painfully the betrayal of sin.

Fear God. Walk in Faith and love. Build your dreams according to purpose.

I believe in you. You were created for greatness, live it, don’t wait till after marriage. You were not made for Marriage, Marriage was made for you. Wait on the Lord again, l say wait.

Indecent dressing for a lady does not give a godly man but a lustful one. Remember lust dies. For the single Man, being deceitful and sexually involved with an ocean of women does not make you an expert in love making or a Man, it only proves one thing, that you are ungodly and will need deliverance to be the kind of husband God expects you to be.

Don’t remain in a violent relationship. If he or she can starve you of financial assistance, food or any kind of emergency essential now, they will do worst when they have reached the place called “see finish” in marriage.

So what is it going to be? Will you be a single after God’s own heart or after your own heart? I sincerely pray you choose wisely.

You are loved, you succeed and you can do this!



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