Women Supporting Women


We are only valuable to our society and the world at large when we are driven by compassion, Kindness and loyalty. There has to be a good reason and motivation to change. When your mind and heart is focused on God’s love, then, every imperfection is perfected from the inside out. Also every character flaw is fixed, every lustful tendency become not a hindrance. It is only possible to change when there is a will to obeying God. People try to redefine grace to suit thier sinful ways, but God’s standards still stands, He will not lower it for anyone. I think is high time we repent genuinely.

It is good for women, to support other women. Will women also care enough to say no to a Man that is not theirs? Is it also possible that women cancel the notion, that the game of cheating is better played by women now? Be true to yourself before crashing deep into the arms of destruction. Nothing good ever comes out of adultry and greed. Nothing will change its deadly effects not even some smart manipulations. It’s disastrous trails from generation to generation, only God’s grace can halt. Have you not read that it is wickedness before His sight? Will elderly women step up to give rightous counsel and loving on younger women? Alot of girls are into substance abuse, depression, wrong grooming and deadly immoral relationships without hope. Look, search out for them, you will see that we have alot in our hands. Well, cover up, sit well, take your place back as a mother in zion. Don’t feel judged, just hear me wake you up.

Are you also tired of explaining yourself, of telling irresponsible men that you are married knowing thier response will always be, ‘and so’? Will this shamelessness also depart from the church? Women empowering women can only be possible if women begin to financially and spiritually support one another. Women can only truly change women when they become true, let’s start by leting go of our sister’s peace, livelihood and allow her have a stable psych. Women can only empower other women, when they yield to God and abide in His presence. You have to feel another woman’s plight as though it is yours. Dont worry about men who are ungodly, there will always be ungodly men, as long as the devil roams, after all the church is a mixed congregation. You know better, do the needful, flee from them.

Let’s give the right access to education for every girl, let’s enable her to be independent and diligent but we will be held accountable when we don’t teach her about the love and truth in the word of God. We all need grace. What have you done with the one bestowed on you? Have you not taken it for granted, wasted it by following the pigs way? Indeed alot of us in church will rather continue in sin so grace abides. What ever way, God’s standards still stands ever high.

We need to make a decision today, to stand for what is righteous and true. To walk with God, doing things as His word says. I know you can do it. Be that vessel of honour, be that one woman whom girls will run to and be proud of. A safe place, a mother whom they can relay on. Be that Holy Spirit filled woman. Be that grace for that woman. I love you Sis,we can do this…..


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