Would He Love Her?


The heart is hurting,
Is he gonna love me or not?
My mind can’t stop skipping,
Will he Stop cheating or not?
The truth has been trashed
She said to me.

Needing him lingers,
Bleeding him naught,
Loving him shares,
This dreamed love gone.
Not secured, unwanted to dwell,
Will he stay or live?

This lust makes a fool of me,
His lawlessness makes a shame of us,
Will he please me alone or not?
Tell me if I remained
Will he need me alone or not?

Do I tell her
That he would love her or not?

Or do I hold her
Tell her i love her, if he will not?

Should I say to her
The truth, that only God makes Man love?

Can a human love or not?


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