Zoe Maimuna



My precious little Zoe,
When she came to me, fierce and little
With her heart large and mind innocent, she captured ours
Through the rains and sunshine,
Tears and provocations, she stays as steady as season
My gift from mother

My precious beautiful Zoe
Her able hands, her diligent mind
Pure as the thoughts that formed nature
True as the clouds that bring rain
Ever smiling and thoughtful
Ever eager and inquisitive
Although a bit childish but as a child should be

Life is a sweet mystery
Our heart Praise you Lord, for the gift of Maimuna
A child who inspires peace and calmness
Who made it easy for me to bear the burden of school, with child
O, heavens let her prosper
Let her be different, let many be fed through her compassionate
Remaining in your love all her life

My precious little Zoe
Sometimes I see mother in you
It warms my heart, it cures my pain
You too are loved and appreciated.


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