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A Ready Made?


Who is a ready-made please?🙄

I hear girls call honest struggling men, with a car, a house and may be a monthly salary of a hundred thousand or a little more ready mades. Nope don’t think so!🙊

Some incomes never get to improve. Some might decrease and a wealthy person without character might lose it all. Don’t depend on the present but on He who owns all and has the future in His hands.🔥

I think a ready-made is one who knows his purpose and is walking in it. Someone who is kind to his parents and is ready to have a humble beginning.❤️

A ready-made is one who has millions in his account and knows it is not his but God’s and will do his best to give back to the world.❤️

A ready-made is one who is self-controlled, who knows to keep away from immorality and destructive habit.❤️

A ready-made man knows God, fears God and will keep his vows because God expects nothing less from him.❤️

I think a female should endeavor to improve herself and attain the status of a ready-made. We should not be over dependent, making our only purpose in life about Men. God has a specific plan for you. He wants to solve the problem of poverty with the cash He is giving you not just your husband or husband to be. I come in peace..❤️

Marrying a man because of what he has or does not have is not the way to go.❤️

A godly character supersedes all and will stand in all.❤️

Be the ready-made that you need. Stop pressuring people into carrying gun and debts for you.❤️

Receive wisdom in Jesus Christ name.

Thank you for sharing, subscribing, commenting and speaking lovingly about my blog.❤️


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  1. Samson Bull

    Gotname, you have touched a sensitive area of my heart: The woman discovering her God-deposit of potentials, maximizing, and fulfilling it. Now we know better. The woman’s is widening! Times have changed. The traditional days are long gone, giving way to a whole new wholesome and sound contemporary insight about the capability of the woman. God and Christianity isn’t repressive of women; the Bible isn’t. It is scared and insecure men who preach it. Real men know their position, likewise, real women know their position. When a real man and a real woman meet, transformation is born.

    1. Gotname

      Transformation is gloriously born. Indeed sir

  2. Samson Bull

    *The woman’s world is widening.

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