An Awakening


God told Abraham that his descendants will return to the land of promise after 400years, but that didn’t happen until 430years. Moses moved to fulfill the prophesy but it was the year 390 that is he was 10 years short. When he eventually came to lead them out of Egypt it was 430 years that is 30 years delay. They spent 40years in the wilderness and Caleb said “40years ago I came to spy out this land and now I am 85years”.
Out of the 600,000 men of war that came out of Egypt only 2 (Joshua and Caleb) who entered the promised land in their mid 80s after a cumulative 70years delay.


  1. When Jesus returns and we get to heaven and we realized that we have overstayed on earth for
    “70years” and all the sorrows and troubles humanity had to go through for “70years”???
  2. All the people who died within this time and went to hell ought not to be there???
  3. Am I causing the delay by not praying for the fulfilment of the prophecy and taking action when
    I ought to have acted???
  4. Is my unbelief causing a delay and many dying without Christ???

Ibrahim Nathaniel


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