I Love you Means

I Love you Means


What does it mean to love your spouse again?🤗

This means you love  your spouse in public and in private.💃

Letting go of all ‘ex’, a crush, someone that has  your mumu key resently, excusing them out of your convenant union, they can only inspire confusion or disrespect your spouse and motivate failure.🥰

You say I love you when you pray and walk in God’s kind of love towards your spouse.

Love your spouse by deciding not to participate in sexual jokes at the work place, with aquintances, strangers of the opposite sex. This is a betrayal against self which can lead to blurred lines.😍

Sexting, callsexing and long phone conversations with the opposite sex is wrong and can only bring problems to your union. Dont use the excuse, but my spouse is not a talker, texter or romantic to send suggestive massages to others. 🙄

Reserve suggestive pet names only for your spouse. “Sweetheart”, “Love”, “Darling”, “Baby” him etc……

If you must keep friends, keep ones that love God and make faithfulness a priority. Friends who will tell you the truth to your face when you begin to veer off.🔥

Nothing says I love you like faithfulness.🤩

I stand and approve marriage. Trust God, stay in Him and walk in Him. He will perfect all that concerns you. Make up your mind to succeed and you will.

I am against domestic violence.If your life and that of your children are at stake, please seek help now! 🔥


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