You are Enough


‘Do not sell your soul for a morsel of food’ that use to be mama’s resounding warning as she gives her advise. Hunger, poverty and lonliness will pass but how do you get back your dignity when it is lost? Alot of people are hurting and hungry some are depressed and afraid. The mental load of many is as alarming as the sight of an over loaded lorry heading towards a ditch. It is not wrong to say, it is indeed the end of the world.Come Lord Jesus Christ Come.

“Do not”yes i grew up with alot of don’t and dos. That it positively sharpened my capacity to know what Is righteous before humans and what is righteous as God says it. What of if you lived by the book, but that wasn’t enough? Bad things still happened to you, who do you blame? A lot of times we are so occupied with following rules, that we forget to pray for grace, to recognize that it is upon His grace, are we saved and protected and not how well we keep all the rules.

So who do you blame when bad things happen to you? When you feel you can’t trust again? The easy thing to do is blame yourself for the pain others put on you. Feel shame and guilt for what you never did. That’s just a feeling, and feelings can change. It was not your fault that you got raped, it is not your fault that you were betrayed, it is not your fault that your parents abandoned you. It is not your fault that bad people can’t be trusted. You need to know that you are enough, not just enough for an ungodly man or woman but enough in the eyes of the Father. He created an exceptional being who can be all they can if only they believe.

We have a measure of grace to live in purity, as God intends us to live victorious over sin. There are just people who make a commitment to live a Holy life and those that don’t. We all have the capacity to love truly and be loved in return. You are more than enough. You just need to embrace the love of God which supersedes all fear and failure, so that, you can come out bold and victorious. You are enough. I say again, don’t be defined by other people’s failures or hurt they have inflicted on you, it was never your fault. You are incredibly beautiful, strong and creative. Let God help you heal, yield to Him.

You are victorious, you will always win in Jesus Christ name.


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