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Be Encouraged and Comforted


Be Encouraged and Comforted.

Is this all the wickedness, that will be? The rate of lukewrmness, lawlessness and death all over the world calls for concerns. Here in Nigeria it is no news that terrorism is the business of the day. One will think the end has come, that the trumpet will sound any moment and we will be going home. The human heart holds such mystery about wickedness, it is like every second some wicked mischief is bathed. What can a believer do?

We were not given a level or a measurement of wickedness before the end will come, but we surely have a comforter and a friend who will be with us to the end. He is coming for a ready bride. Reach out, talk about His love, His first coming and second coming, let the earth fall to its knees in surrender. Alas! triumphant we are.

Life as we see it will be no more. God will wipe away every tear and trauma. He will give us a new name and a new purpose. Remain comforted and at rest in Him. This too shall pass.


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