How to Love Right: Do You Love Your Spouse?

Love Right:Do you Love Your Spouse


How to Love right: Do you love your Spouse?

Then pray together, feed them food, give them sex, make them happy, make them your best friend, and nothing says I love you like faithfulness.

When you love your spouse, you would do your best to work on your friendship. The best of marriages are between best friends. It is not love When you don’t keep investing into your friendship with your spouse.

Loneliness in marriage can be curtailed. What does a lonely marriage look like? It’s two people engaged in their own lives and careers during the day, and finding themselves disconnected at night. Love your partner enough and sincerely to Be part of their world. Exploring every bit of their mind and when you love your spouse you will not forget to show gratitude. You will not assume your spouse just knows how you feel. You will make it a necessary to tell your spouse on a regular basis, why you love them.

When you love your spouse you will make them feel valued, loved and accepted. They have to hear consistently that you prefer them now and always. You should make them firstly a priority, doing these will create a better communication.

You love your spouse when you don’t come home late often without a good reason. You wouldn’t want your partner to think you are seeing someone. Walk on your trust just don’t demand it prove it. When you love your spouse you would show sexual interest more often unless you have followed the lust and greed way.

It is never love when you spend more time on your phone smiling. Exchanging suggestive messages with others yet you claim it is innocent flirting. Why are you making others feel special? When your Spouse is starved of romance and attention. Make your Spouse your number one priority if you truly love them. It is never a good sign when you keep cancelling plans as if you are ashamed to be seen with them or you need them to beg for your attention.
When you love your Spouse your kisses will be intense and you would have no secret or be defensive at every confrontation. You love your spouse be a team. Giving out cash just to impress others while neglecting your spouse is a no when you truly love.

When you love your Spouse you wouldn’t play games by igniting your friendship with an ex, don’t you know that’s the past coming back to destroy the future and your home?

When you love your partner, You would see the importance of apologizing and taking back hurtful words. You would not keep friends who are against the ordinance of God concerning marriage. Your plans will not be negatively hijacked by bad counsel. You will be truthful, you would proudly show them off, you will not constantly make threats of a divorce and ignore them at all levels. Making your spouse insecure is wrong and selfish. Stop torturing your spouse with questions and assumptions. Get to calm the mind of your spouse, it is your role to make your spouse feel safe and assured.

I believe in God’s definition of marriage. A union which stands on love, truth, fairness and faithfulness.

I don’t believe in any form of violence in Marriage. If your life is in danger, seek for help now! It is not God’s will that you are bartered and terrorized. You are called to love and be loved in return in marriage.








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  1. Great emancipating words.
    God’s definition of love is what endures marriage and keeps it.
    Well done, Gotname.

    God’s love.

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