First Love, First Miracle


My first love conquered my heart when I was just a child. Apart from being God, He was closer to me as Friend and Father, showed me visions and kept me company. I knew the sweetness of His faithfulness early as a child of five. This testimony, is the first that my mind can recollect.

One day I came to my earthly Father, to ask for five Naira to buy bean cake. Father had nothing on him that day, I was such a choosy child as most children were at the age of five. I have never even been a fan of bean cake or even requested for it for my sake. Things were a bit hard those days. Daddy will also send us back to God to pray. I left really disappointed. The next day we had some cousins over, as we played hide-and-seek, we found few notes just beneath my father’s side of the bed, on the ground. Picked it up and ran to Daddy.

My excited father responded with a warm smile. ‘so you found it’? He continues, After you asked for five Naira for bean cake, I told God about it and while I slept an angel gave me that money and I remember actually keeping it away. The voice of God said, ‘take buy bean cake for you. I still feel wowed by the whole testimony, I remember thinking, so this is real. God hears prayers and still hears.

That image will never leave my heart. It is to me a perfect illustration of His unfailing faithfulness and mercy. That His compassion comforts and provide. The love of my father’s heavenly Father shown, will never depart from my mind and heart, that memory is sweet, sweet love. Having an intimate relationship with our heavenly Father is everything, there is nothing like it or can be compared to it. From that time onward I knew that, there is nothing God wouldn’t do for me, as long as it is in accordance with His Word. Glory to God.

There is nothing impossible with God. When we believe, we will see His goodness early. Our work is only to believe. He cares about every detail of our lives, give Him your fears, relay on Him, He is dependable. All your needs are met in Jesus Christ name. Amen. You are very important to what He is doing here now and loved to become greatness in abundance. Remain in faith..


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