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How to Love Right: Do you Love your Spouse?


How to Love right: Do You Love your Spouse?

When you love your wife, you would take it seriously that she wants a husband she can open up to emotionally. You have to listen to be concern about her seemingly boring thoughts, fears, desires and endless stories. Pay attention by listening to her.
As a wife you would pay attention to the art of enticement and you would ask the Holy Spirit to show and teach you what will work for your own very husband. You would do better in hardening his penis and not his life. This is what it means to love your husband.

Husband keeping quiet and giving a hug sends loving massages. Ignoring your wife or fighting her by asking her to grow up will only make things escalate especially when she is moody. Give her warm kisses instead of blames.
Wife it is to your favour that you make a decision to praise your husband not other man. Raining insults don’t give you influence, instead pain. Praise him generously at roof tops, he will love you better and more. If you can speak well of your pastor and some other men who have never really made a difference in your life, why not your husband who was given to you by God to honour and be a helper.

A husband must have the ability and improve on his ability to communicate; face to face and over the phone. Learn to check up on her, to engage, to chat her up and keep loneliness away. This way she is reaffirmed of your devotion to her.
When a wife loves her husband, she will find that her ability to cover his shame as a first response instead of her mistakes shows her level of wisdom and love for God. This is really how to say I love you.

A husband is called to be the head, a visionary, a priest and the prophet of his home. He has to give wisdom filled directions. Where are they going as a couple and family? He should offer confidence, inspire virtue and let his wife shine. This shows that he love her.
A wife a should only cover her husband with praise and see at words and not her vagina. Hide in his arms, don’t hide them truth from Him.
When a husband love his wife showing how commitment to the vision of their love through faithfulness, will not be a problem. Leading from the front publicly and privately. Keeping off other women. He should date his wife no matter how long they have been together. Make her feel special, compliment her, flirt with her, pursue her, romance her, excite her heart, treat her like a Queen. He would do anything divinely allowed to show her off and make her shine.
Don’t fall victim of the lies going on that a woman should spoil her husband with money too, where there is money, buy him an expensive cologne, don’t buy into the cheap rumors being spread about him. Lengthen the size of his penis as you arouse it erect from its relaxed size, don’t lengthen his sorrows.

When a husband loves his wife, he should make her believe in herself more, drowning her doubts, allaying her fears, reminding her who she is when she forgets, lifting up her spirits when she feels low, making her feel sexy and beautiful when she does not feel all that, He should cover his wife and children in prayer, a prayer warrior in the spiritual realm, committing his family to his maker, putting on the full armor and going to war, accessing the spiritual blessings meant for his family. He should be a shoulder to lean on when she cries, the person she runs to when this world overwhelms her. Her cover. Also he should make her feel desired and wanted. Turn her on like crazy. Open her tap of wetness. Know which buttons to push to give her sweet highs.
When a woman love her husband she should strengthen his character, don’t strengthen his enemies by attacking him. Don’t rub his failures to his face when he makes a mess. Let him marvel at the earrings dangling from your pierced ears, don’t pierce his heart. She will shout out his goodness for the world to hear, don’t shout at him.

As a husband, Whether she earns more than him or not, he should play his part in meeting the needs of the family and seek ways to get more provisions and investments. He should be her voice of reason. The firm voice that counters her negative voices or the storms that shake her. He should be that man who tells her “I believe in you honey. You can do this”. He should be a peace maker, knowing how to calm tense moments and avoid drama. He should know how to be her clown, how to mine for laughs out of her, how to make her smile, how to make her remember him when he is far from her and find herself smiling all by herself . This world can be tough for a woman; his mother, his sister, his friends, her friends, her boss, strangers might attack her. He should have the ability to keep her safe and make her feel she has an ally . This is what it really means to love your wife.
When a wife loves her husband she will, push his penis deeper inside him when making love, don’t push him away. Send him sweet messages, don’t send gossip about him to your girlfriends. Give birth to his baby, don’t order him around like a baby. Feed him good food, don’t feed him lies. Empty his burden, don’t empty his wallet.

A husband will put his ego aside and attend to his wife and family even without being asked, anticipating their needs, being there hero. A man can become his wife’s worst enemy, the pain he can cause her if he chooses to harm her physically, emotionally, sexually or financially is too great. He should make sure he doesn’t be her worst mistake. His words carry so much weight. Words of appreciation and encouragement are enough to keep her going, he should keep refueling and recharging her. He should care about her dreams and life goals and be her purpose partner, helping her be the best version of herself. He should ease her load and help out at home. They are a team. He should make sure that he is consistent, being her constant, a steady hand. When a woman is given clarity, she lets down her guard and releases her love.
A wife should learn to give advice address his fears, don’t undress for another man. Build him up, don’t build a wall between you and his day was, don’t ask for things you know he can’t currently give. Record his achievements, don’t keep a record of his wrongs. Set a loving mood at home, don’t become draining and moody.

A husband will do well to understand how sensitive a woman’s skin is and how it loves to be touched. He should learn the non verbal communication of touch, how to rub her back, hold her waist, stroke her skin and cuddle up with her. He should also have the ability to be vulnerable, to need his wife, to allow her to do the above things to him, to be there for him, to trust her with his issues and to give her room to love him. Women love being of value.
A wife will love her husband right by being his number one fan, not his harshest critic. Challenge him to grow, don’t challenge his position as head of the home.

I believe in God’s definition of marriage. A union which stands on love, truth, fairness and faithfulness.

I don’t believe in any form of violence in Marriage. If your life is in danger, seek for help now! It is not God’s will that you are bartered and terrorized. You are called to love and be loved in return in marriage.


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