I see hope for the youth

I see hope for the youth


Youthfulness is full of exuberance. So many things are attractive. Excitement and pleasures seem to have no end especially in the 21st century. Youthfulness is a period when happy memories are created, never forgotten, memories of which could trigger some excitement even at old age.

The challenges of these centuries tend to quench this fire in many a young person. Our Social- systems and Governments are failing. The youthful tendency is to find some means of compensating for the loss. This may lead to a lot of bad habits among the youths. In some cases we see violence and rebellion to constituted authorities. These only compound the existing problems. Such youth lose focus and the society sees them simply as deviants and enemies of progress.
The disenchanted youth is only a victim of circumstance who needs help. These sore and infected parts of our different societies can not be amputated without painful consequences to the existing good part. What they need is treatment. But this can only be done by some mutual cooperation between the infected and the affected.
I may seem to many of you to be painting a lurid picture that depicts some looming doom that hangs precariously over our decaying civilization. My intent is to simply appreciate the global moral and social decadence that affects every sphere and fabric of our existence negatively. But I believe there is hope for the youths. It is a new era, take a look and see what change and reform they bring to the table. Yes they are out on the streets taking it by force. There is no stopping them.

Look well. Behind the lurid picture is a silver line of hope. All is not lost. But efforts will have to be made to reach the end of this tunnel for you and me.
Even thou we are the inventors of our predicaments, the Maker has not given up on mankind talk less on it’s youth. He is the way maker. He has not brought us this far to abandon us to our fate.
If you wish for any good in your life, know that this good is not for your benefit alone. Goodness knows no bounds. Do you know that now nature is in travel for the manifestation of the sons of God? Romans 8:19 you definitely would like to be part of this. But this change has to be earnestly sought out for. We and you are not subject to vanity at will. But God who has subjected us to vanity did it in hope. Rom. 8:20

Do not be downcast. Raise your head. Look up to the mountain that is higher than you. Your help will come from the Lord of all creations. “Jesus told us to let not our hearts to be troubled. He said, My peace I give unto you. My peace I live with you that your joy may be full.” “The scriptures say He will comfort and give a sound mind and heart to His people during this perilous and uncertain times approaching the populace.” “Jesus said, fear not, lo I am with you always even to the end of the age! He said, Be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven, rise up and receive your healing or whatever you need, says the Lord.” Jer. 33:3 “Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, which you know not.” He certainly will in the coming times ahead. Now verse 6 is for us today. “Behold I will bring it health and healing I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of peace and truth.” Have you been called an outcast? Do not worry, God will heal your wounds and restore your health. Jer. 30:17.

“Behold says the Lord, do you not remember the scripture I spoke concerning you? Mark 9:23 “If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes!” The scripture is for each one of us! And by faith it is ours! The possibilities of faith and what He will give us is incredible indeed! As the scripture say, nothing shall be impossible to them that act upon My promises! His GRACE is ever ready to see you through. Amen!


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