In Memory of Mother


What does the orphan need?

When I set out to follow His leading to give the little I had to the orphans, widows and anyone in real need or whom He will lead me to, I never knew, to what extent. I had no job, education or even a bussiness plan that was working. All I had was a compelling desire to see to the need of others.

How do you know what people really need at a given time? The need for food, shelter, and security is obviously seen. So that was what I kept doing, where I see a need, I do my very best. Until He said to me, this call is a call to be perfect and to love perfectly.

When I lost my Mother, on the sixth of September 2017, in a fatal accident, I found myself questioning alot of things about my purpose here on earth. At first I was shocked. Then I became depressed. I had so many questions, only God could answer, I could not hear, even when he spoke, because of the grief I felt. I felt lost, vulnerably helpless, I felt fear, I understood confusion and suddenly I was aware of the needs of a motherless child. My father, thank God for him being a real Dad, as much as I loved him, I needed mother around. At this point I understood my father’s pain growing up with a mother alive but not with her love or presence. Hold that thought. God did not kill my mother, so I understand a few things. He did not need to inflict me with such, so that He could make a point. Neither did my mother know that she was going to die, if she did, she would have said a proper goodbye. It was not because we did not pray enough, but simply the hand print of the wicked one. God turned the devil’s plot of using misfutune to bring confusion to an awareness of Truth. The evil one and his attempts in making the Child of God faithless and loveless, has been his one best saling destructible plan, but our Saviour wins always.

A child remains a child even when old and will always need a mother and father. Imagine a child witout none, imagine a child that has never known one, but knows only the streets. What about the one without a father, or that other child with irresponsible parents. The cruel reality of lack, loss and rejection is real and it is the number one killer. Such children are often easily judged than loved, easily blamed than understood, raped than protected. Spiritualy abused by Ministers that have no calling or are born again. These children are only imagined to become the black sheep’s of the community but a lot of them have become successful because someone dared to care.

Inspiring youths to thrive for the great in love. Pushing them towards that call and reminding them they were not put here for them alone is something I consider myself futunate to do early. This pursuit has only given me peace, prosperity and healing in my most darkest hours.

You have hard this call. It is one that calls you to love perfectly, the Lord your God, and your neighbour as He has loved you. So what are you doing today, to make life a bit colourful for someone. Be that god they see so they can trust in the God they have not seen yet. Glory to God.


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