This is Mrs. Manoah

This is Mrs. Manoah


I never did experience a delay in pregnancy but my mother did. She shared with me some of her horrific experiences, that she had to go through. I may not have the experience but I understand the trauma it could leave behind, even after having a child. If you imagined it, you would understand the plight and the joy of this good woman, when it was announced that she will have a son not only that but he will be a special child. A child of destiny, one whom will save the Israelites. Mrs. Manoah’s unique story, shows us that God still open wombs, that He is faithful to fulfil every promise, if He said it He will do it and surely accomplish what He has started.

Manoah’s wife, an unnamed person is (also referred to as Samson’s mother) in the Book of Judges, the wife of Manoah. The first thing we hear about her in judges 13:2 is that she is a barren woman. The angel of the Lord appears to her and informs her she will have a son. She later gives birth to Samson just as the Angel mentioned. Like Sarah, Hannah and the virgin Mary, she was chosen to give birth to one of the great men that existed during the ancient times. Samson’s mother also models for modern women the courage of motherhood and most importantly spiritual qualities, which will challenge them and even men to grow spiritually. Her strength of character cannot be over emphasized. Mrs. Manoah lead her husband and Son by example. Leading her husband to God. Do you lead your husband to God or allow his negligence robbed off on you?

Samson’s mother believed the message of God’s envoy (13:3,4). God did not give the information of a child to Manoah, who would become the father of Samson, but to his wife, possibly because Manoah’s faith in God’s word was not as strong. She believed and accepted all that the Lord had said and told her husband. She accepted the (Nazirite) vows of holiness (13:4, 5, 13). She consecrated herself to serve God to fulfil even the restrictions demanded: drink neither wine nor beer; eat only kosher (clean) foods; never approach a dead body; do not cut your hair. Thus by living a holy life she was able to share in his calling and campaign against the Philistines, and also set a good example for him to follow. A Modern mother will also agree to finding the biblical standard for a mother to maintain a clean body, free of all drugs, during the nine months of gestation beneficial. Manoah had such rooted fear, which he exhibited. His wife interpreted God’s will to him, learing all his fears of seeing God face to face. Her perception of the divine purpose and plan must have brought Manoah’s fears to an end. She worked with her husband “in the field” (13:9). This fact will not surprise us Africans and narrow to Nigerian women who share in the daily labour’s of farming and food gathering, showing strength and skill equal to the men.

She obeyed God’s call to be a mother (13:24,25). From the uncertainties of conception to the pains of childbirth, motherhood can be a dangerous prospect. Childbearing was even more fearful in olden times before present-day medical knowledge and maternal and prenatal care. Rachel’s tragic death at the birth of Benjamin, for example, was never forgotten by the Israelites (Gen. 35:18). But Samson was born just as the angel of the Lord had promised, and God gave him both a strong, healthy body and the power of the Holy Spirit. However, when the text says “he grew” it is clear that he reached full manhood due to his mother’s care and guidance. He would “begin the deliverance of Israel from the Philistines, “a work that armies under Samuel and David would someday complete. Samson’s mother would show special concern in this matter, because mothers in Israel have always been held responsible for the faith of their children. Israelite boys spent their first seven years with the women of the household, learning many things from their mothers. Afterward they were allowed to go out and work with the men. Perhaps it would surprise some to hear that in modern Israel a true Jew is defined as “the son of a Jewish mother.”

Samson’s wonderful mother, more than most women in the Scriptures, fits the picture of the ideal wife drawn by the Wiseman at the close of his book (Proverbs 31:10-31). She was a mutual bread-winner with her husband. She was known for her goodness in heart and deeds. She was wise in the knowledge of God, obedient- to his call, and, like Mary, strong in her faith. The single lady in waiting should remain devoted in faith and unashamed her sanctification. She is to thrive while waiting, because the work does not begin when you are married, it begins now in the place of prayer. May we hear clearly God’s voice like Samson’s Mother. May more women aspire to such excellence, that even with an absentee husband and father that they will be equal to the task of inspiring and motivating a life of service and love for God.

Don’t forget that, God can speak to you before confirming with your husband, yes as he did Samson’s mother. It might seem crazy to your husband and the world, but keep the faith, say what you have been told to say. Lead your husband to God and back to God his doubtful heart. Ask God to teach you how to raise your children, how rightly you can sacrifice for their sakes. Are you waiting for the fruit of the womb? Get set, rejoice in thanksgiving for He who opens wombs is your God. You will give birth and your children will serve Him all their lives.
I believe in you. You are so loved.


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