Like God, Give


The sick in the hospital, the unreached, the poor orphan, the needy widow, the homeless and the persecuted call out to you. Will you listen?Are you willing to give your best and play your part? The air at the prisons, hospital, streets and a heart without hope is horribly different. There is always an opportunity to make a difference, to be like Love.

Giving is an opportunity to come out of poverty. Give yourself out of depression, disappointment, and any form of brokenness.  Indeed alot of ills can be cured with kindness. But I dont have to give, you may say, but I remind you that, we all are needy, the poor and the rich there is always something that we can do. The mental load that this moments of crisis places on people, cannot be over emphasized. Our hope is sure, if we can relay on God.

God’s promises are yes and amen, we need only to relay on His grace to do the needful at all times. That we abide in the service of God by reaching out to the lost and alone. The proof of love can only be seen by deeds. No one knows your intentions until you do it. No one can be as He is without giving. I have hard people say, I will only give to those of the same faith with me, well, Love Himself never differentiated His benevolent love and access to salvation when He gave Him self to be crucified, so, why should you? Our first role model is Christ.

There are different loving ways to show God’s love; you can intercede, you can give money or any kind of material gift, you can give your time, you can give godly counsel, you can remain in love and faith so others through your life style will be saved, etc. We all have something to give. Look around people are dying from lack of wisdom, money, food and Gods saving grace.

Start doing something differently today or are you going to remain a stubborn clueless spectator? No, I pray not.

Ask God to show you a need today. A person at a time. A project at a time.  You are so loved, be that express image of love.


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