Nigerian Roads


Nigerian roads are unsafe
With pot holes they trap dreams,
The Dusty clay during rain
Twart the vision for change,
Made easy for the terrorist slit,
It has become a joint effort of leaders
And of frustration to bring sorrow.

Look at the hospitals
Can the poor get cure?
Corona came with it’s horns
Do they halt it’s sphare or create its strength?
What have we not done to Nigeria?
A lively being turned ghost
Babies yanked from thier mothers tits.

So, I am not sorry to think,
That there is no heart left
Where the oga seats,
It is for the tommy, they weep and slump.
Fermished but not the hungry majority.
Nigeria, Nigerians, Nigeria calls!
For a peace,
An ease, from fear
Able men unable
They are paralyzed by corruption,
Tongues silenced by manipulation,
Nigeria calls, return o, honour.

The leaders for tommorow calls,
The leaders for today made it a war cry,
The anger is real, the deaths paints them.
They wail to deaf ears,
These freshly shoots will win,
With education they thrive.

Upon this ruggered roads crimes asail,
Fixed in a dusty blinding place,
Nigerian roads.


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