This is Abigail

This is Abigail


We meet an interesting woman Abigail in 1 Samuel chapter 25. Like various women in the Old Testament, Abigail is described as beautiful. Unlike most other women in the Old Testament, Abigail is also described as “intelligent” or “of good understanding” Beautiful and clever, Abigail was married to a wealthy man, she enjoyed the benefits of an affluent lifestyle, but her rich husband Nabal was foolish, intemperate, and mean. He was a very bad and stingy man. The name Abigail is derived from two Hebrew words, “father” and “happiness”, and means “my father’s happiness”. An express image of happiness in her father’s household, but Abigail’s marriage cannot have been a sweet one. Her husband Nabal’s name is a Hebrew word that means “foolish” or “senseless”. As an adjective, the name Nabal is sometimes used of people who have no perception of ethical or religious claims. It’s an apt name for Abigail’s husband who typifies such behavior.♥️

Nabal’s actions and behavior which deeply insulted David, and David responded by preparing for a slaughter. It happened that, Nabal had not taken due notice of David and his men who had been protecting his shepherds. When his camp started to run out of food, David sent ten messengers to Nabal. The messengers told Nabal about how they had been protecting his shepherds, and they asked for provisions, but Nabal refused them. He even screamed at them, does that not sound familiar to our time? A lot of women are married to foolish men, but we learn how Abigail handled her own Nabal’s behavioral flaw.😍

Abigail’s actions are intriguing as opposing the contradicting teaching of submission of our days. we come to see Abigail disobey her husbands unreasonable attitude to save him and maintain his reputation. Abigail was not just intelligent and beautiful, she was also brave. It would have been no mean feat to confront David and four hundred of his men who had been dishonored and were intent on revenge with their swords at the ready. Yet Abigail approached David and, with great diplomacy, humbly offered him a “peace offering”. She gave David and his men plenty of food. Her quick actions saved her household from disaster and kept David and his men from unnecessary bloodshed. This Bible woman who went behind her husband’s back and did something she knew he wouldn’t approve of, she even announces her husband’s faults to David:

“My lord should not pay attention to this wicked man Nabal. He simply lives up to his name! His name means ‘fool,’ and he is indeed foolish!” 1 Samuel 25:25 (NIV) Despite defying her husband and saying negative things about him, Abigail is commended for her actions. Furthermore, David recognizes that Abigail was sent by God. 1 Samuel 25:32-33

Thank God Abigail is an ideal wife. Who didn’t submit to her husband’s stupidity; rather she protected her husband and his interests. She took the initiative when he was unable or unwilling to act, and she even apologized for his rude behavior. Again it cannot be over emphasized that Abigail was a smart, strong, young woman who helped her husband by going against his wishes. Abigail was also brave considering that her actions would be found out by her husband, and then she would have to face his violent temper. The next day, Abigail told Nabal everything that she had done. Thankfully, God spared her from Nabal’s wrath. Nabal immediately has some kind of heart attack and died ten days later from heart failure. Because of his mean, stubborn and perverse character, Nabal had failed to have a true appreciation of who God has given him as a wife and who David was.

Abigail knew who David was. She knew that he was an outlaw on the run from King Saul, and she spoke eloquently and prophetically about David and his future reign as king of Israel. Her speech is one of the longest speeches of a woman recorded in the Old Testament. Here is an excerpt:

“The Lord your God will certainly make a lasting dynasty for my lord, because you fight the Lord’s battles, and no wrongdoing will be found in you as long as you live. Even though someone is pursuing you to take your life, the life of my lord will be bound securely in the bundle of the living by the Lord your God, but the lives of your enemies he will hurl away as from the pocket of a sling. ..” 1 Samuel 25:28-31 (NIV)🔥

David did remember Abigail. After Nabal’s death, he seems to have lost no time in asking her to become his wife. It is not clear whether David sought this marriage because of his attraction to Abigail or if it was for political reasons, but he certainly admired her. Abigail became David’s third wife, and she bore David’s second son Chileab (2 Sam. 3:3). (Her son is called Daniel in 1 Chronicles 3:1.)

This brings me to the church or rather a doctrinal or theological faulty idea of “submission” in marriage. Biblical submission is not about blind obedience or subservience. Healthy submission is characterized by loyalty, humility, and consideration, and it seeks the greater good. Ideally, it should be mutual and reciprocal, rather than one-sided, with both husband and wife helping and serving each other.💝

Abigail was a smart, strong, young woman who helped her husband by going against his wishes. She initiates a potentially dangerous meeting with David and speaks with great diplomacy and insight. God used Abigail to help David and encourage him with her prophetic words. Abigail was a remarkable woman with beauty and brains. Abigail is one of many prophetic women in the Bible who God used for his purposes. will you allow God use you like Abigail? it is a wrong submission to approve stupid ideas in a Christian home. If you give in to his grace, He will lead you to courageously tackle issues that threatens the peace and harmony of your Marriage or even in the issue of life generally. Single girls can see a lot to learn and take to heart from Abigail’s story. they will see that it is important to be beautiful and with brains. To learn diplomacy. Learn from the scriptures to hear God and act as prophet where need be. God is in pursue of you, for greater things. I believe in your call. Go achieve.🔥

In conclusion, Be a woman who thinks outside the box; act fearlessly in faith and grace. Always know that God will fight your battles; you are never alone. Be a warrior woman, loyal, faithful, selfless. Take charge of your words and action they make or mar us. Be humble, kind and seek peace in all things. Don’t let fear hold you back, walk in God’s courage and wisdom in pursuing your ambitious dreams and calls. You are so loved.❤️


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