This is Jezebel


The name Jezebel paints an unattractive picture. I don’t imagine any right thinking mom naming her daughter Jezebel. A foreign woman—daughter of Ethbaal, King of Sidonian. Her father’s name means, the god this cruel, pagan woman and her Jewish husband, worshipped. There are scholars who say there is alot of the positivity to learn from her, but who does, really see this thing she carries worth emulating. The world will argue, if anything, a too-devoted wife, willing even to commit murder in order to help her husband maintain his authority as king. But was she? In the bible we see her be a murderer, an evil prophetess, an idolater, adulterous drunk. Her evil plots and games lays claim to her. How she controls kings and promot the killing of the prophets of Yahweh. This is Jazebel, is an article that exposes the very nature of evil personified in a woman and is intended to encourage true repentance.

In first king we see how, she dominates her husband Ahab and king. She is not a heroic fighter like Deborah, a devoted sister like Miriam or a cherished wife like Ruth. Jezebel cannot even be compared with the Bible’s other bad girls—Potiphar’s wife and Delilah—for no good comes from Jezebel’s deeds. These other women may be bad, but Jezebel is the worst. Her list of crimes included slaughtering God’s prophets. Bringing Baal worship to Israel. Having a neighbor killed because her weak-minded husband wanted the man’s vineyard. And she issued a death warrant for God’s prophet Elijah. But God numbers our days… even the days of this bad girl. God anointed Jehu as King over Israel for the sole purpose of wiping out the family line of Ahab and Jazebel. Jehu the furious rider was the cure to Jezebel’s ungodly madness. Are you Jehu or Ahab?

So why will king Ahab who worships the one true God marry such a difficult woman? He was fascinated by her beauty and manipulative character and fell for her, and well being the ambitious and proud, she eagerly seized the opportunity of sharing the throne of a king. Any man, able to resist the wiles of a beautiful but wicked woman possesses true heroism. Joseph over came the temptations of the lovely yet lustful wife of Potiphar, but thats where we see Caesar and Antony after conquering almost the whole world, were conquered by the fair but foul Cleopatra. A dominating wife, a corrupt tree that continued producing evil fruits, She Was a treacherous schemer, someone who loved personal adornment, more than a holy adornment of the soul with the word of God. She Died a very horrible death, not because she worshiped idols but because she refused to repent and accept the One true God Yahweh. Jezebel’s name appears once in the New Testament Book of Revelation, it is there you will see another comfirmation that she where attached to an unrepentant prophetess who has beguiled the people “to practice fornication and to eat food sacrificed to idols” (Revelation 2:20).

It is evident that women in the Bible were influncial, they left a legacy of good or evil. We can learn and unlearn things about our lives as we put to practice all that the word of God teaches us. A woman shouldn’t compare her self with a Man, she is to thrive in accomplishing her God given call. Don’t be carried away by the pride of life or idols. Is it possible you have left the righteous path? The right time is now to turn back and return with a true repentant heart. God is waiting for you, so He can show you how true love feels…You are special, feel it, live and become it. Single or Married, you were created for more. Go after your Mission, there you will find fulfilment. I love you.


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