Today’s Bible woman


Proverbs 31:10, Who may make discovery of a woman of virtue? For her price is much higher than jewels.

Who is the bible woman? The bible woman isn’t just an ordinary day-to-day woman, who is only concern about instant fleshy gratification. This bible woman is spirit filled, anointed, faithful to the will of Her Lord Christ. The bible woman understand how important cleanliness is, and being intellectually updated, and so she learns a skill and get educated. She is one who believes God over all earthy wisdom. She is virtue personified and content with the man God has given her. The proverbs 31 woman will not give room to laziness, it is wise if every single and married woman follows her footstep. I have not found one disciple, apostle or prophet in the bible without a flaw, I personally came to the conclusion that they are not an example of men to desire or emulate, when it comes to the standard of God. Christ is the perfect example of a perfect man, no wonder he still pursues His bride with the same intensity of love like He first began. Any woman who looks forward to marrying a man like Christ, most herself be that female expression of Christ.

The bible woman is Faith and love filled she walks courageous and unashamed. She knows her past has been wiped out behold her new dawn. She knows she can be what ever she believes. Be that bible girl!


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