Waiting Love: Singles that Thrive

Waiting Love: Singles that Thrive


Waiting Love: Singles that thrive

Things to set right before saying I do

Faith; building on your faith by the renewing of your mind by the word of God is fundamental for every child of God. Making this the basic need and foundation for relationship, educational pursuit, professional career and spiritual growth will give you a sure foundation.

Love; Walk on your love for God. It is upon this love that every kind of love flourishes.

Purpose; The reason for marriage is to have a companion for the journey of fulfilling purpose while obeying the command of love. Knowing why, who you are, what you are to do and how will only lighten and shine the path for you. Understanding your purpose will reveal the mate you were called to complement.

Patience; patience is an important key to success and having a lasting happy relationship.

Money knowledge; You don’t have to be a genius in economics and accounting to master the art of saving, investing and a smart way of applying the principal in running a home. This knowledge is important.

Contentment; contentment is a deeper level of gratitude, loyalty and competence. without contentment you would find it hard to be happy or achieve the place of fulfilment.

Joy; God gives joy. Be devoted to Him and His word and you will find the hidden treasure called joy .

Confidence; As a single, believe in your self. Speak graciously to yourself. Be courageous and bold. Confidence is build in the place of contentment and prayers.

Be a learning reader; reading exposes us to people, experiences, places and a way that we have no knowledge of. Learning is crucial, you have to be teachable.

Prayerful; Be prayerful. Become prayerful. learn from Gods word how to be prayerful. Remain in His blessing.

Being Single is no crime at all, being a single without direction is a crime against yourself. Cherish this time. Invest this season in growth. There is nothing wrong in becoming wealthy and having influence. Whom God has prepared for you will alighned with the purpose of God for both your lives. This is not a time for exploring sex, crime, cultism or narcotics but becoming intimate with your Creator. These social ills are not wisdom or enjoyment like the world would want you to believe.

The best of all enjoyments is found in God. He desires to give you all that you need. Trust Him, remain in Him, give Him the place to keep you morally whole even in marriage. You are so loved and I believe in you.





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