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Do you really love your spouse?


When you love your spouse you will guard your mind from believing that you don’t need your spouse. Such notions propel you into a lonely existence. Put pride and ego aside when it comes to love. When your relationship is making you feel lonely rather than loved, remember this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Jesus Christ is right there with you. Lean on him not an immoral affair.

There are times when it feels like you’ve “fallen out of love,” you’ve really just fallen out of the habits that kept you connected. Instead of quitting the marriage, just restart the healthy habits, this only means you are true to your love and commitment.

Love God and your spouse by being the kind of spouse you hope your kids grow up to marry someday, because your kids are learning about marriage by watching you innocently. They do what they see, not necessarily what you say.

Not cheating? You are so much appreciated. But don’t use that as an excuse to being unromantic. By not talking comprehensively with your spouse, not buying gifts, no surprises, no outing, no submission, no forgiveness and no complements. You owe your spouse everything. Are you cheating? You are already out of God’s plans and natural human nature. Make a turn, repent, prove your worth and become the kind of spouse God has called you to be, perfect in love.

Do you want to improve your intimacy in your marriage? Then love your spouse enough to communicate more in your marriage. Start conversations—about parenting, about budgeting, about God, your spiritual lives and your sex drive because the low sex drive spouse often times keeps feeling misunderstood while the high drive spouse keeps feeling rejected. That’s why it is important to start by communicating all your needs and feelings without blaming or shaming the other spouse. Do this not when about to make love.

Love your spouse by truly being their companion, we all crave for a deeper level of companionship. We want to have fun, so why pretend or lie. Ah, find more ways to explore and create new adventures together! We work hard at our jobs, at our parenting and at our physical health but then expect our marriages to thrive without putting in the work? Work as hard on your marriage as you work on anything.

Love your spouse enough to answer your spouse’s calls or texts. If not immediately, then as quickly as possible. If you miss their call, say why and apologize. This shows them how important they are to you.
This is huge. None of us are beyond temptation. That is precisely why we need to put healthy boundaries in place with people of the opposite sex, those who don’t respect our marriage and family, and also with ourselves when it comes to unhealthy habits and behaviors. Love is a commitment. A promise. A lifelong vow. Let’s always remember that and never choose temporary pleasure over our permanent promise. It might be hard sometimes, but our marriage and family are worth it!

I believe in God’s vision for your marriage. Stay focus, fight for it. You are not alone God got your back, it is his will that you have a peaceful home so walk with Him, He will show you how.❤️

I do not advocate for domestic violence and abuse of any form because it is not part of God’s will. If you are in such? Seek for help now!
If you are the abuser, change now before it is too late. You will not always get away with it.




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  1. Samson Bull

    O that we will wholly and blindly accept God’s blueprint for love in marriage! O that we will deep ourselves whole and get drenched in God’s agenda for love in marriage! The Inventor of marriage supersedes all in matters regarding love and romance in marriage, for who knows better than the inventor of a product? Every child has the right to be love born; no child deserves the malnutrition of a love famished home.
    Love is the way to victory, and till we understand the New Kind of Love from God, we’ve got a long way to go.

    Great article.

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