Love Faith Hope Heals


A bird in the rain. He walks cold and wet, unable to fly. The wind came too gentle, that type too swift to stire. The glamouring of the sky, the gray signalling of harvest. That bird does not see it. Bird can not feel what a bird was never taught.

The strange feeling of compassion . Caring embrace of love. The truth that heals, he was never taught he cannot identify.

A bird tired of humanity, exhausted by helplessness, this boy was never groomed.
Afraid he will never know the truth. That a man can only be a man when a true man has shown him. Who is a true man? The Man Himself.

Bird trust the pulsating life of the Wind.
Lean on the wisdom of His might.
Reminisce upon His glory tenderness. Then shall you take back your place, then will you become Man yourself.

Boy and girl social, educational and spiritual needs cannot be overemphasized. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of the social ills, they fall victims of, has its roots from the lack of one of the above. The boy who needs a man like Christ to groom and love him. And the girl who needs the attention and love of a mother. The world needs healing, and we can start, one child at a time.


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