Trip to Calabar

Trip to Calabar


The plane tipped towards the earth, descending in to the land of the unknown. This is my first time being on a plane, imagine my excitement and fear. I did not know what to expect here but all ears. The face of the ground richly green and decorated by endless opportunities. The weather was moist, you could almost touch the vapor. Air condensed like it was controlled by a fragile hand. I wondered why the air was so little here, unlike Sokoto. The plane met the run way, and my heart jerked, it was a mixed feeling of uncertainty and hopefulness. I held my baby closely and followed Hubby tightly.

A busy hotel welcomed us, they seemed hospitable but these were strangely dressed. Girls were hardly dressed and mothers couldn’t hide their desperate need for attention. Forced hustling I thought. I stood there observing from a distance, making sure I saw everything He wanted me. A breath of fresh air when I sighted a man who looked like a northerner, but before I could breathe happily, a girl hardly dressed was right after him, I could see a lot of them, a wife’s nightmare. Right beside Hubby but in my own world. What happens to these ones, do they need a saving? We are all covered up in the North but crave the uncovered food. Why not uncover your food since that’s what you really long to eat. Hubby called my attention, our suite where ready, I couldn’t be more happy. I was back right behind him, walking after his steps. A good wife I am. Clapping for myself….

Looking at my male child, I couldn’t help praying over him. Father this one will grow to be different, he will put you first. Amen. I dived into my mind, talking to my heart. How can this ones be reached? Yes, the ones that came to know the Jesus Christ but have abandoned it for the dark world. The news came up, a police top officer has been beheaded by a cult group. Hubby expanding the details. The end SARS movement has left its foot prints, unwanted and unwanted. The roads are not safe, people who taught they couldn’t afford traveling by air had to, but what about those who cannot afford to pursue such a dream. Gruesome murders, unyielding terrorist still recruiting. New comers of the corruption age, are much darker. I looked at Hubby I need to be touching this man, in a dark world a little romance is a bit of hope we need. Love is needed here.

Peace is needed here Lord. The beautiful nature so green, the groaning of molested plants. Yes joy is needed here, fathers are exhausted by self efforts. I went across the road to buy an immediate need, I noticed a mothers frustrated face while she sold her goods with out smile or the curious need to keep a new customer, the passion has somehow left, the children that deeded this resource are overcome by worldliness and the vanity of lust. I couldn’t help remembering my mother, how was she able to sell with a smile, how was mother able to come back home smiling when all the profit she made was maybe an extra one hundred Naira only. With hurting feet’s, she sleeps after everyone and wakes before everyone. How was mother able to pray relentlessly and read the bible passionately. It must have been a love greater than what this world could give. I missed mother over again, I needed to hear her tell me how by herself. Love, the God kind of love is needed here too.

The remains of cultural heritage, the stargazing lost beauty of this home land. I relished what it was created to be. A habitation to great men and women. An earth that brought up wealth and a bountiful harvest. Drank coconut from the coconut for the first time. Our companions there, showed us around, I looked at them, their zeal and love for us. I saw hope in their eyes. Hope lives here, it takes a few to start up a change. It takes you to light up the fire again.

My head on his chest as it should be, his heart beating a delightful melody. This is what it means to love. I will remain here cuddled up like a child who needs a lot of nourishment and sweet pure kisses…………. This is not the end.


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