Vote for Righteousness


The upheavals in Nigeria and the world entirely is and has become alarmingly frustrating. The rate of crime and poverty has only increased over the years. I will really like to mention one sector that has made me proud as a daughter of the soil, but it is indeed unfortunate. Banditry only thrives, the intolerance of peace and unity is something that has alluded our leadership. The common sense of empathy has escaped their moral standing. I don’t know, if crying will relieve the frustration, depression and hunger on the faces of people as they go about their business. These same people who broke their backs and sweat for the ruling. It is at this juncture that I will appeal to my people, the poor and the compassionate rich to refuse the tale that God does not solve problems. To bring back to hear their first-ever love who has not failed and is sufficiently enough. That while we look for our daily bread, we should do it in prayer and faith in His Word, that says, we have been blessed with health and healing, prosperity and eternal life. It is true that God will wipe the tears from our eyes, and He will return soon. Eph 1:3-6. The hope I have for Nigeria is that one day on the seat of leadership God will put one who will do justice through love. I was at the hospital this year and the things I witnessed will never live my heart. The agony of lacking, also the devastating effect of corruption. If only the healthcare system and educational system can work, then may be every other segment will follow the suite. There are well-meaning doctors but there is little that they can do. Let the government take seriously the checks and balances. Indeed, leadership in Nigeria needs an upgrade. We accuse Nigerians of being religious but lazy, I don’t think so. I think our hardworking Nigerians only become lazy when they become leaders. No nation can thrive without the light that cleanses from being spiritual. Also, the natural light which is electricity and security. Stop choosing callous psychopath, sociopath and tribalism religious personalities who lack empathy. Something has to change, and the change surely starts with the ones in office and secondly the people of Nigeria. If you want change vote for people who through the years have been productive both in their personal loves and in their communities. Vote for educated, vast intellectual persons who through their dealings you can trace compassion. Not religion and tribe. After all, poverty has no tribe neither was itself created. Fear God ogas at the very top and turn for God’s sake. The death troll most end in love.

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