Marriage: Do you Love your Spouse Right?

Marriage: Do you Love your Spouse Right?


This is how you love your Spouse.

You have to come to a place in your life, were you personalize God, His love, His purpose and Kingdom plans in your own life. If you can stay committed to God, you will find staying faithful and loving in your marriage is possible. Imagine this is what God has been dealing with, being endlessly patient with you. There is an urgent need of love today and it has to begin in marriage.

With the evil present in this world, worse moment will come as a trying time in Marriage, even when you confessed only better times. It will not all be sunshine and roses. Sometimes it’s thunderstorms and thorns. That’s why the vows say “for better or for worse.” Your attitude will determine, what will be victorious.

If your head spins around every time an attractive person walks by, even if you don’t say a word, you’ve communicated a lot. Your spouse doesn’t just want you to be physically monogamous; they want you to be mentally monogamous. Your spouse wants to know you have eyes only for them. If you’re checking out other women/men or paying attention to other women/men, you’re damaging your spouse’s confidence in herself/himself and her/his confidence in you. If you’re checking out other men/women, you’re communicating that your spouse isn’t enough to meet your needs.

There are no frigid women but ignorant men on bed. Stop that head ache by faith or Panadol but give him love making. Husband stop being tired by faith or Panadol and give her when she wants it. This is what it means to love, having your woman or man in your arms all the time.

You have to be deliberate about faithfulness. Always known for being in the inbox of women or men, someone once said the more attractive you find other women or men rather than your partner, the more attractive others find yours. Don’t sow what you don’t want to reap. Don’t dish what you cannot take. Sin is death, nothing good comes out of adultery.
Playing games and making your spouse suspicious will only make them become distrustful. keep your word and be honest.

If you try to keep your marriage compartmentalized or “separate” from the other parts of your life, you might think you’re just protecting your spouse, but you’re actually hurting them. So be careful with your tone, body language, words and actions. Make sure they show love and respect to your spouse at all times.

Great marriages are the ones in which the husband AND wife both act like their spouse is better than they deserved. If you don’t think God knows you better to give you a perfect gift, then what a loss.

You should be your spouse’s cheerleader, supporter, friend, partner, lover and helper. You should NOT try to be their parent, critic,
coach, manipulator or enemy. Don’t pretend you don’t need them, everyone needs someone.

Observing self-control by not reminding your spouse of their past mistakes isn’t the same as ignoring the mistake or acting like it never happened or even hurt you. When we do this, we are choosing to focus on the good and trusting God to complete the good work (the healing and the change) He is doing in our spouse and marriage.

Consider your spouse first in every decision you make, because every one of your decisions will impact them in some way. Know that whenever you tell your spouse what the plans are instead of starting by asking their thoughts on the potential plans, you communicate disrespect.
Be intentional about creating traditions—in your marriage and in your family—that your kids will want to pass along to the next generation. Romance means taking deliberate action that makes your spouse happy and meets his or her needs.

Some marriages crumble because they’re built with the wrong tools and no solid foundation. The right tool is God and the truth in His Word.

You can make a lot of money by making the right investments in the stock market, but you can only become truly rich by making the right investments in your faith and your family.

I pray that, the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had. Amen


I believe in God’s definition of marriage. A union which stands on love, truth, fairness and faithfulness. I stand for physical and mental Monogamous Union.


I don’t believe in any form of violence in Marriage. If your life is in danger, seek for help now! It is not God’s will that you are bartered and terrorized. You are called to love and be loved in return in marriage.




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  1. Oh yeah! There is an urgent need for love today and it must begin in marriage.
    It only gets sweeter with the God kind of love, even if the bitter may arise to unsweeten the marriage. Love enables the couple to glide through or above the storm when it arises.

    Nothing brings out the succulent juices of marriage like love.

    Thanks, Gotname.

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