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You are Powerful



Have you ever wondered?

The zeal of your heart,
And the trump of your feet,
Have you stopped to wonder?
How you could carry a spawn,
Even groom children
Have you ever asked?
How the world obeys effortless,
Your dream limitless,
Have you paused?
To ponder on grace charms,
And how faithful it’s reaching arms.

Have you considered?
The symphony of nature Author,
And the mystery of the Creator,
Have you ever noticed?
That the birds sing songs,
And the trees dance holding tongs,
Just wait a minute, take a look,
Wonder and be amazed,
At the masters work of the Great Walk
He lives in you adorned
You are glorious
He is the calming voice of kindness

And the heart beat that loves
He is the touch of peace and delightfulness
And the defending lion hooves
Right inside of you
He dines, he inspires
He rules
You are indeed powerful.

















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  1. Samson Bull

    Wow! What a unique being I am! What a God of speechless wonder! How great is the Author of life!

    Thanks Gotname.

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